Strapping Success: How Justin Castles Refined Photography Gear with Lucky Straps: Ep. 49

Discover the story of Lucky Straps and how Justin Castles turned his photography passion into a thriving business.

Strapping Success: How Justin Castles Refined Photography Gear with Lucky Straps: Ep. 49

Discover the story of Lucky Straps and how Justin Castles turned his photography passion into a thriving business.

Behind the Lens and Beyond: A Conversation with Justin Castles of Lucky Straps

In the latest episode of Photo Country, we had the pleasure of hosting Justin Castles, the mastermind behind Lucky Straps, a brand that's reshaping the world of camera straps with its innovative designs and unparalleled comfort. This conversation sheds light on Justin's journey from a budding photographer to an entrepreneur carving out a niche in the photography accessories market.

From Clicks to Straps: The Origin Story

Lucky Camera Straps

Justin's journey into photography began with a desire to create action sports videos, but it wasn't long before the allure of photography captured his attention. Starting with a Canon 60D and a nifty fifty lens, Justin was hooked by the immediate gratification photography offered. From there, his passion morphed into a career spanning various photography genres, culminating in the birth of Lucky Straps.

The creation of Lucky Straps was fueled by Justin's frustration with the discomfort of traditional camera straps during long shooting sessions. This led to the development of a strap that wasn't just comfortable but also personalized and of high quality. Made in Australia, these straps gained popularity for their durability, comfort, and the unique option to emboss personal details, making each strap not just a tool but a part of the photographer’s identity.

Entrepreneurial Insights and the Future of Lucky Straps

Throughout our conversation, Justin shared valuable insights into starting and growing a business. Emphasizing the significance of starting small, Justin encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to just start, no matter how daunting the initial steps might seem. This philosophy has not only guided Lucky Straps from its inception but also influenced its growth trajectory.

Discussing the challenges and triumphs, Justin divulged the complexities of navigating product development, especially the creation of their game-changing quick-release system. This innovation was a result of years of trial and error, highlighting the essence of perseverance in entrepreneurship.

Looking ahead, Justin hinted at the possibilities of expanding Lucky Straps' product line to include other photography-related accessories, illustrating an eagerness to grow while maintaining the brand’s commitment to quality and uniqueness.

Beyond Lucky Straps: Podcasting and Digital Community Building

The episode took an interesting turn when Justin expressed admiration for the podcasting medium and its potential for digital community building. Sharing his own experiences with hosting and producing podcasts, Justin pointed toward the power of audio in creating intimate connections with an audience.

In a digital age where engagement often feels fleeting, Justin's approach to using various platforms for connecting with photographers worldwide is a testament to the evolving landscape of content creation and consumption. By integrating photography with storytelling through podcasts, Justin is not just selling camera straps; he's fostering a community of photography enthusiasts. You can get the straps at

Final Thoughts

Our conversation with Justin Castles was a dive into the intersection of passion, entrepreneurship, and the unyielding pursuit of comfort and quality in photography gear. Lucky Straps stands as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs in the photography space, highlighting the importance of innovation, community, and the sheer will to "just start."

As Photo Country inches closer to its 50th episode, the journey with guests like Justin Castles offers a reminder of the beauty in capturing moments, whether through a lens or a microphone.

Stay tuned for more stories from behind the lens and beyond, and remember, no matter where your passions lie, the key is to keep on clicking.

Rajeev signing off. Until next time, stay safe and keep exploring.