About Us .

An online magazine to showcase the art and poetry of photography

An online magazine to showcase the art and poetry of photography

Discover the beauty of photography through the lens of Photo Country, an initiative from Inscape Media, this is an online magazine that showcases the art and poetry of this visual medium. Immerse yourself in captivating images, insightful articles, and inspiring stories from talented photographers around the world. Explore the latest trends, techniques, and styles in photography and see the world in a new light with Photo Country.

The Team

The team from Inscape Media; Rajeev Nedumaran, a photographer in Auckland, NZ and Kartik Chaudhry, a film maker from Mumbai have come together to form this creative venture.

They are both passionate about their craft - story tellers in their own way. It started off with Rajeev's Photo Country podcast which has now morphed into this online publication. The focus of this publication will be to tell the story that led to the photograph and beyond. Their endeavour is to showcase to the world the poetry of this medium and not to degenerate it into a fight between different camera brands.

We invite our fellow image makers to contribute to this fledgeling online publication and grow a community around this magazine. Do send an email to rajeev@photocountry.co for more details.