Photography, Passion, and Wildlife: Dev Anand Paul's Story - Ep. 48

Dev Anand Paul, Wildlife Photographer, India

Photography, Passion, and Wildlife: Dev Anand Paul's Story - Ep. 48

Dev Anand Paul, Wildlife Photographer, India

A Journey into the World of Wildlife Photography with Dev Anand Paul - Ep. 48

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast Photo Country! In this episode, we have a special guest, Dev Anand Paul, who is a passionate wildlife photographer. Dev Anand Paul is a former corporate professional who decided to pursue his passion for wildlife photography and has been capturing stunning images of birds and wildlife in various parts of the world. In this episode, we delve into his journey, his tips for aspiring wildlife photographers, and his future plans.

Meeting Dev Anand Paul

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dev Anand Paul, an old friend from the American College, Madurai. We reminisced about our college days and how Dev Anand Paul's interest in wildlife photography grew over time. He left his successful corporate career to follow his passion for capturing breathtaking images of nature.

Getting Started in Wildlife Photography

For aspiring wildlife photographers interested in birding and wildlife photography, Dev Anand Paul shares some valuable advice. He suggests starting by observing and identifying birds in your neighborhood. This initial interest can be pursued with a basic lens and reference books on birding. Understanding the behavior and habitat of birds is crucial before investing in specialized equipment like long lenses.

Essential Equipment for Wildlife Photography

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Dev Anand Paul explains that the choice of equipment depends on the specific location and subjects being photographed. He recommends having a variety of lenses, including wide-angle, mid-range, and telephoto lenses. Depending on the terrain and the type of subjects, the selection of lenses should be tailored accordingly. Dev Anand Paul also highlights the advancements in mirrorless cameras, making photography equipment lighter and more manageable.

Techniques for Wildlife Photography

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Low-light situations can be a challenge in wildlife photography, especially during early mornings or dusk. Dev Anand Paul advises increasing the ISO settings to capture clear images in low-light conditions. He also emphasizes the importance of understanding camera settings, setting a minimum shutter speed, and utilizing post-processing techniques to enhance the final results.

Tracking and Capturing Wildlife


Tracking and capturing wildlife, especially birds, require careful observation and patience. Dev Anand Paul shares his experiences of locating specific species and studying their behavior. By understanding their habits, he is able to anticipate their movements and position himself accordingly. Dev Anand Paul also emphasizes the importance of respecting the wildlife and their habitats while capturing stunning images.

Wildlife Photography Beyond Borders

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Dev Anand Paul's passion for wildlife photography has taken him to various corners of the world. He shares his planned expeditions to places like Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Each destination offers unique challenges and an opportunity to capture the beauty of different species in their natural habitats.

Monetizing Photography Knowledge

While Dev Anand Paul is not interested in becoming a tour operator, he plans to monetize his knowledge and experience through his website. With years of corporate expertise in marketing, he aims to create a platform to share his expertise and offer valuable insights to fellow wildlife photography enthusiasts.


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In this captivating episode, we had the privilege of exploring the inspiring journey of Dev Anand Paul, a passionate wildlife photographer. From leaving his corporate career to pursuing his dreams, he shares valuable tips for aspiring wildlife photographers. The importance of understanding the subject, mastering camera settings, and sharing knowledge are highlighted throughout. We wish Dev Anand Paul the best on his upcoming journeys and eagerly await his captivating wildlife photographs.

If you're interested in wildlife photography, be sure to tune in to Episode 48 of the Photo Country podcast to gain insights from an experienced professional. Don't forget to check out Dev Anand Paul's website to explore his stunning portfolio and stay updated on his future adventures. Capture the magic of nature through the lens and embark on your wildlife photography journey!

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