Tatiana Harper

Exploring the Photographer's Journey - Ep. 44 - Tatiana Harper

Lifestyle Photographer from Auckland, New Zealand

Exploring the Photographer's Journey - Ep. 44 - Tatiana Harper

Lifestyle Photographer from Auckland, New Zealand

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Welcome back to the Photo Country podcast, where we delve into the world of photography, passionately sharing insights from industry experts, diverse experiences, and the art behind capturing captivating shots.

Today, we are kicking off the New Year with Episode 44, featuring a fascinating conversation with Tatiana Harper. Tatiana, originally from Latvia, is an accomplished photographer based in Auckland. Focusing primarily on lifestyle photography, Tatiana shares her journey from growing up in a photography-enthusiast home to turning her passion into a successful career. She reveals insights into her photography style, her favorite gear, and offers tips for budding photographers who want to dive into this exciting industry. Be ready for an engaging and inspiring conversation. Let's roll!

An insight into the journey of a professional photographer: A conversation with Tatiana Harper

The world of photography is both intriguing and intimidating with hundreds of genres to explore, skills to master, and business nuances to learn. This blog post is based on an insightful conversation with Tatiana Harper,

a successful lifestyle, people and events photographer, who shared her journey, her love for film photography, and tips for budding photographers in the field.

Embracing the Beauty of Photography

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Harper’s photographic journey began in Latvia during the 80s, where she was introduced to photography by her enthusiast father. With a keen interest in capturing special moments, she delved into photography. The focus was less on aesthetics and more toward documenting precious moments. Harper believes that "photographs are snapshots into your life that not only help revisit a time but keep that memory alive."

Step into Professional photography

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Harper's transition into professional photography was not something she always intended. Initially an accountant, her entry into professional photography started in 2014 as a result of a burnout. She then gradually worked her way into lifestyle, people, and event photography. Harper loves capturing people and moments, and the same intensity is reflected in her work. However, the early years of her business were indeed challenging which she had to tackle.

Building the right Brand

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Despite the competitive nature of the industry, Harper succeeded in building her brand organically, with client satisfaction at its core. She believes in sticking to her style, thereby attracting clientele who appreciate her work. Catering to this, she focuses on what she loves the most - People. A successful brand stood on this love for her art and a constant endeavour to make her clients happy, led to numerous referrals.

Gear Preference, lenses and styles

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Harper's preferred equipment of choice is Canon, appreciating the brand for its build and the familiarity she has with its functionalities. She primarily uses prime lenses for her shoots, specifically favoring a nifty 50 and a 70-200mm, the range of which covers her needs for different types of shoots.

Being a commercial photographer in an oversaturated market like New Zealand was a challenge. However, Harper views every difficulty as an opportunity for growth. Harper advises emerging photographers to take encouragement from the beauty of photography. She asserts on the importance of staying true to your style and to continue experimenting, thus discovering what you love the most and sticking with it. Shooting from the heart and chasing one’s passion will always lead to fruitful results.

For Tatiana Harper, photography goes beyond a profession or passion; it is an indispensable part of her life. Her journey elucidates that no phase is permanent. Persistence, passion, patience, and perseverance are the keys to turning your love for photography into a career. Indeed, an inspiring takeaway for both budding and seasoned photographers out there who dream of turning their love for the art into a living.

Whether you're a newbie stepping into the industry or someone battling the competitive market, remember Harper's closing advice -

"Do it out of love for photography, and the right things will come into play."

You can check out Taitana Harper’s website -

Her Instagram handle - /tatianaharperphotography/

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