Ep. 43 - Kartik Chaudhry

From Photography to Filmmaking

Kartik Chaudhry

Hello, beautiful people. You're listening to episode 43 of the Photo Country podcast with yours truly Rajeev. I caught up with Kartik Chaudhry, the creative mind behind Inscape Media for this episode. I first met Kartik as a filmmaker when I was working with an advertising agency in Goa India.

He was part of a production house in Mumbai. For some reason, our wavelengths synced up and we have been creative collaborators ever since.

One of the reasons probably is that we have both big-time comic book fans since childhood. Anyway, I have been after Kartik to get him on the podcast. And finally, he relented.

The reason I wanted to talk to him is that he started out as a photographer before making the transition to become a filmmaker in the Hindi film industry. So that's a perspective that I wanted to explore.

Photo by Kartik Chaudhry

personally feel that in every creative person's life, that is a. there is an ah-ha moment. When a light bulb goes off in your brain. Your eyes fly wide open. And you realize that holy shit, this is something that I can do really well. And this is something that I can do for the rest of my life. For Kartik it happened during his journalism course when he had his first run in with the camera.

Photos by Kartik Chaudhry

Photos by Kartik Chaudhry

I have always believed that photographers are one frame away from becoming filmmakers. As photographers, we're always capturing moments in life and putting them in a narrative sequence to tell a story.

That is not far from converting them into 24 frames per second. So, this is exactly what Kartik did. For him, there was always this drive to explore and expand his creativity. And that led him to filmmaking.

Photo by Kartik Chaudhry

Okay, let's stop here and ask the question. Why did you become a director and not a cinematographer? Of course, I always wondered about this essential question. You know, when I started on my journey as a creator, I tried a lot to shoot videos. I was trying to follow the heroes that I looked up to. But it never worked for me. My happy place was always, you know, shooting still images and never moving pictures. Let's see what Kartik has to say to that.

I couldn't have become a director if I didn't know photography. and I really think that every director should know as much as possible about photography and cinematography and about how camera works. Uh, It's not just helpful. I think it's essential for a director to know. So it was, let's just say it was one of the skills that I thought I need to acquire before I make my film.

Photo by Kartik Chaudhry

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