Ep. 34 - Rexstane Nissi, Discover Madurai - Photo Country

Ep. 34 - Rexstane Nissi, Discover Madurai

Photo Blogger from Madurai

Ep. 34 - Rexstane Nissi, Discover Madurai

Photo Blogger from Madurai

Hello, beautiful people. It's great to be back with the new season for a brand new year 2023. Welcome to photo country. And I'm your host Rajeev. I brought in the new year at an iconic, and historic location in Tamil, Nadu. My home state in India. It was at Gangaikonda Cholapuram, the temple built by King Rajendra Chola, The First, to commemorate his conquest of the river Ganges. It is here that I caught the last sunset of the year. You can read all about in on the Photo Essay that I did on this temple.

While I was in my hometown of Madurai, I met a young photo blogger. Rexstane Nissi. He runs a photo blog called Discover Madurai. And through him, I was lucky to see a different side to my hometown, which I have not seen before.

He has been featured on the BBC website and the national newspaper of India, the Hindu. What better way to start off the new season with a chat with a homeboy from Madurai, Rexstane Nissi.

Rexstane Nissi and I hung out when I visited Madurai after 4 long years. This time I was armed with my camera and determined to make the most of my time in Madurai. It was a happy coincidence that I ran into Nissi through some mutual contacts. He showed me a different side of Madurai that I had not seen before.

Something that was common, you know, among all the things that I tried out was that I shot all of these photographs in Madurai. And, at one point of time I thought, I figured that I could make use of the content that I made that I created. And so I started a blog called Discover Madurai

I enjoyed the visit to the Madurai Flower Market and to the river front at Kuruvithurai. Two awesome locations.

The photo blog that he hosts on Instagram: Discover Madurai by The Hindu, a leading English Daily in India.

He started off at a young age in bird photography and learned the ropes of the craft.

It started out so simple. I would post pictures of House Sparrow and ask what the name of it is and the people there were so encouraging and I think I learned most of photography basics, like the rule of thirds negative space and everything through bird photography.

He loves to take the bike for a spin and he has a wealth of knowledge in back roads around Madurai. So, if you want to go on a bike trip around the city, reach out to Nissi!

He dabbles in Food Photography, doing projects for the local hotels and restaurants in Madurai. He is also a skilled musician and loves to bang out a killer rhythm on this drum kit.

I had a great time chatting with him. And I look forward to photo walks around Madurai on my next trip back home.

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