Ep. 29 - Dr. Rebecca Senf - Making a Photographer

The early work of Ansel Adams

Ep. 29 - Dr. Rebecca Senf - Making a Photographer - Photo Country

Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome to Episode 29 of Photo Country. And I am your host Rajeev.

This is a very special edition of Photo Country. For the first time in I am talking to an art historian and author about another photographer. This episode is about the iconic photographer Ansel Adams and his early work. I had the privilege of talking to Dr. Rebecca Senf, the author of the book - Making a Photographer - the early work of Ansel Adams. it is an unprecedented and eye-opening examination of the early career of one of America’s most celebrated photographers.

Ansel Adams’ early photographs are crucial to understanding Adams’s artistic development and offer new insights into many aspects of the artist’s signature style that he later developed in hls career.

You can get this book on Amazon.com or you can visit the website https://www.rebeccasenf.com/ for more details. I highly recommend this book as must read for aspiring photographers.

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