Ep. 28 - Gary Ray Rush, Being in the Zone

Exploring the zone system in the digital age

Ep. 28. Gary Ray Rush - Being in the zone - Photo Country

Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to episode number 28 of Photo Country with Rajeev. As photographers, we have all heard of the zone system but I have always wondered how to implement it in the digital age. As I was researching this subject, I stumbled on a video by a photographer called Gary Ray Rush. Gary is based out of Toronto, Canada. He is not only an accomplished portrait and commercial photographer but a great mentor and educator in photography as well. So, I really wanted to talk to Gary about his experiments with the zone system.  Are you guys ready? Let’s get into the conversation.

You can get in touch with Gary through his website -https://garyrayrushphotography.com

or on instagram - his handle is garyrayrush. He offers courses and mentorship programs on photography. Do get in touch with him if you are keen to improve your photographic skills.

Continuing with a focus on Ansel Adams and his work, on the next episode features a conversation with Dr. Rebecca Senf, a leading authority on Ansel Adams. Dr Senf is the chief curator of the centre of creative photography, in Tucson, Arizona. She has authored a book on the early work of Ansel Adams - MAKING A PHOTOGRAPHER

That’s all I have for you in this episode of Photo Country. Do share this podcast with your friends who love photography as I do. You can also sign up for the newsletter at photocountry.substack.com - until the next episode, this is Rajeev signing off.