Ep. 27 - Ivo Ivanov - The Art of Motorcycle Photography

Showcase your machine to the world

Hello, beautiful people. Welcome back to photo country with Rajiv. I took a bit of a break for this set of new episodes. I have a great new group of photographers, curators, and artists that I will be talking to over the course of the next few weeks. And I can't wait to share those conversations with you.

The first amongst this new set of artists that I spoke to is Ivo Ivanov. A commercial and still photographer by trade, and a motorcycle photographer by passion, he is originally from Bulgaria. Now based out of London. I first came across his profile, while I was researching how to light paint a friend's motorcycle.

His portfolio of automotive images is just breathtaking. His images scream details and I really love his compositions. You should definitely check out his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/imagefactorystudio/ and have a look at his work.

I had a great chat with him about his work and the way he approaches motorcycle photography. And I also asked him about some of the images that I liked from his work and how he shot those images.

Do have a look at the extended portfolio on his website, which is imagefactory-studio.com. His work is available as gorgeous photo books that you definitely need to check out.

In our next episode, we talked to Gary Rush. A photographer, educator, and curator from Toronto, Canada. Gary is an expert on the zone system. And is passionate about photographing cameras. Sounds interesting, right?

I will catch you on the next episode. Till then stay safe and keep clicking.