Ep. 24 - Parag Gopale, Chasing the moment

Documentary photographer bridging the divide between India and France

Ep. 24 - Parag Gopale, Chasing the moment - photo country

Hello, beautiful people. It's great to be back once again on photo country. This episode has taken forever to complete. Things got really busy at work and going back to school means far less time for editing this episode. But here we are. And I can't wait to share this conversation with you. I met with Parag Gopale.

A photographer who travels between Mumbai and Paris. He's the founder of The Moment, a creative photography studio that specializes in capturing candid elements of any form. There is an interesting quote on his FB page, Photography is not about depth of field. But it's about the depth of feeling.

Interesting, right? So let's meet Parag Gopale.

Thanks, Parag. It was lovely chatting with you. Thank you once again for coming on the show. So friends as always, thanks for tuning in. I enjoy putting together this podcast for you. I hope you like listening to it too. Please do share this podcast with someone who loves photography as we do. See you in the next episode. Till then be safe and keep clicking.

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