Ep 21 - Tor Eigeland, Stuff Happens

Interview with a legendary photojournalist

Hello, beautiful people. This is episode number 21, of photo country. And I have a very special guest for you. Tor Eigeland. A veteran photojournalist whose work has been published, in Life magazine, National Geographic, Aramco, and many other international publications.

He was there in Havana when Castro made his victory speech after winning the revolution. He has traveled with the Bedouins of Arabia and drank tea with the marsh Arabs of Iraq. Here is a photographer, witness to some iconic moments in history. It was truly an honor to talk to him.

I have enjoyed a long and distinguished career contributing to such prestigious publications as Time, Fortune, The New York Times, Rutas del Mundo, Aftenposten, Aramco World Magazine, National Geographic Traveller, as well as ten book projects for the National Geographic Society’s Special Publications. I am both a photographer and a writer.

Farming and farmland in the Nile Delta hold a kind of tranquil and eternal beauty. This photograph, taken in the 1970s, shows a Nile Delta farmer going to his fields at dawn.

To get some photos of this ancient way of life, I once stayed a whole week in the humble home of a simple farmer, a fellaheen. Nasty secret police in those days were omnipresent, even in a tiny hamlet such as where this farmer lived. To spend a few days with him and his family, I had to get permission from the national secret police as well as the local police, via the Ministry of Information. I admit to discreetly greasing a few palms along the way.

The family was great. I ate and enjoyed their very tasty, simple food with them, drank their sweet tea and coffee. No problem there. Their breakfast was especially memorable. It consisted of flatbread, prepared and cooked as we ate, homemade yogurt, honey and olives. Always with the sweet tea served in little glasses.

During these few precious days, I took enough photos to fill a book, and I shall never forget the genuine kindness and generosity of the little family that hosted and trusted me.

His book, Stuff Happens - The far from Humdrum life of a Photojournalist, is available now for purchase. You can get it from https://www.browndogbooks.uk/. You can see Tor's work on his website, https://www.toreigeland.com/ or follow him on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/toreigeland/

Appreciate all your listeners supporting this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Until next time, stay safe and keep clicking.